Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2023

Making a Difference Worldwide

The Veterinary Perspective

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Financial Highlights

Our Product Pipeline

Dechra’s pharmaceutical and vaccine development pipeline contains a mixture of short, medium and long term new opportunities and lifecycle products.









Year in Review


  • Board recommended offer for the Group, which was subsequently approved by shareholders
  • Acquisition of Piedmont Animal Health, Inc bolstered our new product pipeline, making it stronger than ever with 39 projects now in various stages of development
  • Acquisition of Med-Pharmex Holdings, Inc increased the breadth and scale of our portfolio in the US


  • Navigated unprecedented changes within the veterinary wholesaler channel
  • Resilient supply chain performance with 50% of manufacturing now performed in-house
  • Changes made within International division to help deliver future growth


  • Significant progress made in a number of sustainability focus areas
  • Making a Difference Sustainability strategy further embedded across the business
  • ESG repositioned as its own underpin to delivery of the Group growth strategy


Chair's Statement

We have navigated a year of significant change and continue to have an exciting future ahead.”

Alison Platt

Non-Executive Chair

Chief Excutive Officer's Statement

Our strategy remains very much unchanged and we are making a number of investments to deliver long term value.”

Ian Page

Chief Executive Officer

Financial Review

End user demand for our products has remained strong and our increased investment in R&D will help to fuel future growth.”

Paul Sandland

Chief Financial Officer

Section 172 and
Stakeholder Engagement

The Board is responsible under section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 for promoting the long term success of the Company for the benefit of its shareholders, and acknowledges that its decisions have a long term impact on other stakeholders, the environment and the Company’s reputation for high standards of business conduct.

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